Two-way text copying between your PC and Smart devices

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Instant two-way copying

Copy text from your PC to your Smart device's clipboard, and Paste text from your device's clipboard to your PC, instantly! All you need is the PC application, and the Android application on your device. No sign-in required! Click here to see how the initial sync works.

Over any network

Text can be copied over any network. As long as your PC and Smart device both have internet connections, you're good to go. Alt-C uses Google Cloud Messaging with SSL connections to copy the text.


From any application

Text is copied from your PC to your device, or from your device to your PC, with the simple press of a Global Hotkey. On your PC - Select the text in any application, press the Copy Hotkey, and it arrives in your device's clipboard - ready to be pasted! On your Smart Device - copy some text and press the Paste Hotkey on your PC to paste the text!

Auto Launch Applications

Configure Alt-C to open specific types of text in various applications. Open URLs in your Web Browser, Email addresses in your email app, GPS co-ordinates in your Maps app, Phone Numbers in the Dialer and Text in your favourite note taking application. Configure your Alt-C Auto Launch experience under Settings!
(ALL Text is parsed on the device itself)

Get the Applications here!

How to use ALT-C
Alt-C for Windows

Windows Client

  • Lightweight System tray app
  • Works on Windows 7+ (Physical Keyboards)
  • Requires .NET 4.0 and the latest .NET 4 update
Alt-C for MAC

OSX Client

  • Lightweight Status bar app
  • Works on OSX 10.9+

Coming soon to iOS!

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How to sync your PC and Device

Step 1

Install the app on your PC and your Smartphone or Tablet


Step 2

Open both apps and enter the code shown on the Smartphone/Tablet into the PC Application

Step 3

Wait for Syncing to complete, and use the Global Hotkey to Copy away!

How to use ALT-C


Get text from your PC to your Smart Device


Highlight some text on your PC or MAC


Press the Copy Hotkey (Alt + C)


The text will arrive on your device's clipboard!


Get text from your Smart Device to your PC


Select and copy some text on your Smart device


Press the Paste Hotkey (Alt + V)


The text will arrive on your Desktop's clipboard!